May Posts: Am I Coming Back to HMS or Not??!!

Hi, it’s HmsDavid and I will be writing about if I am coming back to HMS or not and all my memories with my amazing classmates. Enjoy!

So, as you have probably heard already of how I need to get all A’s and B’s to come back to HMS next year for 8th grade, I will be writing about that. This trimester currently right now I have all A’s and B’s except for Math class. It doesn’t mean I will come back but I have not so much time left to improve that and not so much work left to bring it up. Tomorrow will determine if I come back or not because my Math project will be graded and it is a huge 10% of my grade.

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So, now that that is over with I will be talking about my memories with my friends, and I will also be saying some thankyous to some people who went out of their way to support me and help me with my work this trimester. First I want to say thank you to Mari because she has helped me literally every day with my work, and she has given me tons of support especially when I have failed tests and assignments. Secondly, I would like to thank all my friends because they have really made this year very fun, and interesting for me, so thank you, guys. Now in this last paragraph, I will be sharing some of my favorite memories.

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My first memory is from afterschool when we all tell each other jokes and stories which are always so interesting and funny. My second memory is when we as in all the boys play Brawl Stars together to see who is the best. That memory is one of my favorites because it’s one of the few times we all get together and have fun with each other. Well, that is it hope you all enjoyed it also this is my last post for the year so see yall next year bye.


May Posts: My Trimester Three Portfolio

Hi, it’s HmsDavid back again with another post and on this post, I will be writing about my best work from Social Studies, Language Arts, and Art. Enjoy!

So, first off I will write about Social Studies. My best work from this trimester was the business sale project with my business partner Kylen. I say that this is my best work because we sold a lot of our products which Kylen’s one was sold out, and we made a lot of profit and didn’t lose much of any money. Also, our customers said that our products were one of the best they had eaten out of all the other groups.

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So, Kylen sold his famous salted twisted pretzels, and I sold my Parfaits which is basically cake with yogurt, and fruits it’s really good stuff. I learned a lot from this like how to run a business especially with a partner and how much things cost, and also how to make the product on your own. And that is my best work for Social Studies and it was the most fun from this trimester. I also want to say thank you to Kylen because without him I think we wouldn’t have had all these good ideas which had us be really successful.

Next, I will be sharing my best work from Art class. So, my best work from Art class is a drawing of my friends Eclectus parrot which I don’t know the name of either including my friend which is not a good thing to forget. I think that this is my best work because I usually am very bad at drawing and I have been working on drawing nicely the whole year and this is the best one so far. And that is why I chose this as my best work from Art this year.

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Lastly, I will be writing about my best work from Language Arts. My best work from Language Arts is probably going to be my book talks. I think this is my best work from Language Arts because I am very consistent at it and it helps me talk better in front of an audience. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post see you on the next post-bye.

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May Posts: What I Will be Doing This Summer

Hi, it’s HmsDavid and on this post, I will be writing about what my plans are for this summer break. Enjoy!

So, after the school year ends in about 3 weeks I will probably first stay home until summer school starts in June. This summers summer school will be the last because I will be going to 8th grade next year and HMS doesn’t have summer school up to that point. The classes that I will be taking are going to be Math and Language Arts. Then, after school ends, I will go to after-school care and stay there and do activities every day until pickup time.

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So, that is what I will be doing until July 16 or so when I am planning to go to my yearly visit to Japan to visit my family there. I will be staying there until the week before school starts up again. This year’s visit will be special because my Grandma is battling cancer so I am going to support her in her fight. She has Breast, and cancer in her ovaries which has a lot of stress on her and I felt really sad when I heard she got it because she does a lot for me.

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Lastly, once I am back from Japan depending on if I go back to HMS or not school will start in about 1 to 2 weeks from the time I get back. During the one or two weeks I have, I will most likely go outside and play. I will also go shopping for school supplies, and play with my chicken. Well, thank you for reading my post hope you enjoyed it thanks bye.



April Posts March Madness Basketball Talk

Hi, it’s HmsDavid here again with another post and on this post, I will be talking about upsets,and basically things that have happened in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Enjoy!

So, March Madness as you have probably heard of is the annual tournament where the best basketball teams from each indivisual league play. In the beginning there are a total of 64 teams and they eliminate teams as they progress in the tournament. There are also 6 rounds in the tournament. Round one, round 2, and there is a sweet 16 for the 16 teams left, and an elite 8, final 4 and the championships. And that is the introduction now we will get into what happened in all In the actual tournament, mostly what I watched and hoped for in the tournament.

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So, in my family we which is my mom, and I cheer for a team but my uncle is not really interested in sports so he doesn’t watch. My mom cheers for Gonzaga which was the NO.1 seed because of the Japanese player on the team named Hachimura. Sadly Gonzaga lost to Texas Tech which they won 75-69. So then she didn’t have a team she was really cheering for.

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I cheered for UC Irvine because it was their first appearance in the March Madness tournament and they come from the same division as Hawaii. I think this was their best season with a finishing record of 31-6. In the round of 32 they had lost to Oregon 73-54. Now since my moms team and my team didn’t make it we just cheered for the Underdog Texas Tech in the finals against Virginia. But I guess Virginia was the best team and with more playoff experience they won against Texas Tech 85-77. Well thankyou for reading this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you next time byeee!


April Posts Finding My New Pet/Buddy Chicken

Hi, it’s HmsDavid and on this post I’m going to talk about a new baby chicken I had found recently and a story on how I obtained it and how it is doing right now. Enjoy!!

So, it was a Saturday morning and like everyday I was walking around my neighborhood looking at birds.  And I go by 4th avenue where all the birds congregate in groups as well as the 100 or so chickens that live there. And I heard some really loud peeping from a garage and it was a baby chicken. I stayed for about 30 minutes and no hen came so I caught it and took it home with me.

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As soon as I got home I put the baby chicken in a box and put some bedding and food and water just for a short time until I can figure out where to put him. The rest of that day I walked around with it and spent time with it because when it got lonely it would start peeping real loudly until I came back. During that day I took him to my neighbors to try and get name suggestions and they came up with the name Albert from a youtube channel. Later that day from down the road I heard really loud peeping, and I was wondering if Albert had escaped.

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But when I went down the road to see what it was it was another chick a bit older than Albert and it was calling for it’s mom. So, I sat there to make sure the parents would come back and he would be fine but no chicken came to pick him up. After I put Albert in a box for the night I went to catch the other chicken but someone else had already caught it. And that is it guys for this post I will do another update on Albert don’t worry and see you guys on the next post byeee!


April Posts Pumpkin’s Healing Process And Recovery

Hi, It’s HmsDavid and on this post I will be writing about my cat Pumpkin’s healing process after a couple weeks ago he got his operation done on his teeth.

So as you guys have probably read in the last post about my cat Pumpkin and how his operation went and all I said I would give you guys an update and well, here it is. So the last time I wrote about him was a couple of days after he got his operation done with his teeth and mouth. And at that time he was still going through quite a bit of pain and discomfort and he was overall not looking good. Well I’m excited to tell you guys about how he’s doing now I hope you all enjoy!

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So, after about a month of Pumpkin’s operation he had a follow up appointment so the doctors could see and assess his health and how he is healing. It is important for them to do that because they need to check for infections, and maybe some other issues that could be occurring that have formed after the operation was done. On that Thursday or so my Mom, and I took Pumpkin in to The Cat Clinic for his follow up and the doctors just checked him real quick and said that his gums looked a lot better not red and irritated anymore which was excellent and they told us that he had also gained a little bit of weight. And after they wrote some things down on their paper and talked to us a bit more they said that it was all good and he could go home.

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I was very happy that he was okay now and was living a better quality of life. Now that his life is back to normal he just does his usual things like sleeping in his favorite post office box, and eating food, and playing around with Cinnamon. Now that his life okay again I’m starting to be worried that Cinnamon has the same thing Pumpkin had Gingivitis so we may have to go through the same process again. Well I will definently keep you guys updated on Cinnamon now and that is all for this post tune into the next one bye guys!

April Posts Hawaii Men’s Volleyball Season

Hi, it’s HmsDavid and on this post, I will be telling you guys about how Hawaii is doing in their season, and statistics. Enjoy

So I’m sure you guys have heard of the University of Hawaii Men’s Volleyball team right? Well this season they have done an amazing job overall having the best season in the school history of 27-2. And to add to that record they have been named as the Big West Champions of 2019 and that is also the first championship won for the program history. And after they have won the Big West Championship against Long Beach the very next day when the NCAA was announcing the seed numbers for the tournament Hawaii unexpectedly got NO.1 seed which is the best seeding position they have also ever gotten in their program history.

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So talking about the NCAA tournament my mom is going to go back to Long Beach to cheer on the team because they are most likely going to play Long Beach again in the championships and boy they are hungry for that title. Now Hawaii does not have a very good record against Long Beach like the past 3 years straight they have lost to Long Beach in the championships and that was really said to watch and hear about. Long Beach also has the homecourt advantage at the tournament and their record at home is 41-0 undefeated at home for the past 2 seasons which 2 of them Hawaii has lost 3-2 in both games. But to me every time that Hawaii plays Long Beach I always have that feeling that Hawaii will win so I think at the championships it will go to set 5 and Hawaii will pull through and win it all. We go to use all this energy we have right now and direct it towards the next 2 biggest games in probably volleyball history and if we have the self confidence and motivation I believe they can win.

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Now lastly I want to share some statistics this season, and records that they have set this whole season to end off this post. Starting with the players our seniors Stijn has had 304 kills this season with a percentage of .467 and has scored 346.5 points this season. Rosey has had 38 kills this season with a kills percentage of .284 and has scored 46 points this season. Dalton has had 130 kills this season with a kill percentage of .556 and has scored 182 points. And our last senior Joe has had 66 kills this season with a kill percentage of .436 this season and has scored 110 points this season. Well thankyou very much for reading this post and don’t forget to tune into the next post go bows and see ya next time bye!

March Posts Fish Updates

Hi, it’s HmsDavid here again and on this post, I will be writing about another update on my fish and basically what’s going on with them now since I have not done an updates in a while.

So first I will be starting off as always with my fish. So my betta fish have been doing alright the little babies are growing up just fine my males are getting bigger and my baby female is starting to develop eggs in her ovaries. My adult male and female bettas are breeding once again but for whatever reason, it seems like they are not successful because they do everything right but she doesn’t lay eggs she just keeps getting bigger and bigger with a bunch of eggs. And now she also lives in the same tank with the male because he has gotten used to her and is not as aggressive as before with her.

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Next, I will be talking about my Tilapia. So they have been doing just fine the babies are getting their adult colors around this time and I think that soon it will be time to release them into the wild so I can make space for more babies in the future. I do plan on keeping a few babies which are the biggest and most healthy out of the brood so I can replace the parents if they ever die and I can still have a good breeding colony. The adults are just living their life just fine although they are eating a lot more bloodworms for protein than just flakes because in the summer they will start breeding like crazy and produce hundreds of offspring.

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And lastly, I will be talking about my guppies. They have been probably I would say the best out of all my fish because they have been reproducing real good, eating a lot. Since the last pets update post they have had about close to 15 babies or more which is a lot and now I think for a total I have about 35-40 guppies. And for them too since they are breeding a lot more I have to add more food/protein into their diets so they won’t get hungry and eat their babies when they give birth. And that it is guys thanks for reading another one of my awesome post put in the comments what I should write about next bye.

March Posts Finch Nest

Hi, it’s HmsDavid and on this post, I will be writing about a Common Waxbill Finch nest I have been watching and keeping track of for about one month.

So, about a month ago from today I found a pair of Common Waxbill Finches building a nest in my neighbors’ Mango tree across the street from my house. I was very excited and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get some great pictures and learn more about these little birds. So I watched them almost every day watching the nest building progress from just weeds/grass everywhere to slowly forming a ball. When the pair was about finished I was just amazed by the size and the complexity of the nest because finches I think are the only birds that have 2 nests in one.

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So on the top is called the Rudimentary nest or Cocks nest and as by the name that is where the male usually sleeps while the female is in the main nest tending to the eggs and the babies. The nest is close to the size of a volleyball and is green when built and turns brown over time indicating that either the babies are already big and ready to leave the nest or they are about to. These birds use weeds, and grass to build their nest and they will add small chest feathers of other birds that they find and on occasion they will use trash like cigarettes, and plastic material. And lastly you are probably wondering how do they get into this big ball-shaped nest so, they make a tunnel at the very bottom of the nest and they just fly straight into it.

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So now that you guys have some information I hope you understand better what is going on in my story that I will now conclude soon. After the nest was done being built it was about a month until they finally laid their eggs, and I couldn’t check how many there were or anything because unlike other birds they can smell human scent so I always kept my distance. But it wasn’t long before I started to see damage on the nest and that made me really worried because I thought that the rats did that but it was just the parents so that was a huge relief for me. Just a couple days ago when I check on them I didn’t see either of the parents for a while and I waited until sunset and they didn’t come back and I was worried they abandoned it and for some reason, I don’t know they did. They left behind 3 white eggs that were dead the size of a penny and I was really sad but I just had to move on about it. Well, I hope you guys liked this post tune into the next one I will see you all later bye.

March Posts Pumpkin’s Vet Operation

Hi, it’s HmsDavid and on this post, I will be writing about my cat’s mouth operation.

So first off I want to give you guys a little bit of information on how my cat Pumpkin got to this point to where he had to get a long operation on his mouth. About since my cat was 2 years old when my parents and I took him in for a yearly checkup at The Cat Clinic and they noticed that he was missing some adult teeth and after doing some tests they said he had something called Gingivitis. Gingivitis is a common periodontal disease sign of it are usually red and puffy gums. So now back to the story, so over the course of 2 years, it had gotten worse and they said they would have to do an expensive operation to help him feel better and not cause him to lose all his teeth and get further health issues.

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Deciding on this operation was a hard decision because one it was $1,600 and two he was going to be under Anesthesia so there is a slight chance he could not wake up from it and die while under. After a while, we made the decision to go ahead with it and in about a month from then it was the day of the operation. That morning of the operation when I was going to school we put him in the carrier and I just said my goodbyes and wished him luck, and that whole day all I thought about was if he was going to be okay. In the afternoon when school was over my mom picked me up and there he was all loopy in the front seat I was so happy to see him.

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I remember him looking at me in the front seat and although he was very tired after a stressful day I was happy and he was happy it was all over. So currently right now he is doing excellent at home except that our other cat Cinnamon is not very happy with him and on occasion, she will attack him but not really bad though. And he used to be on some pain medications for the first few days but now only for about a week or so more he is on antibiotics to prevent any infections and he should be fine from there. Well, thanks for reading my post I will eventually write another post about Pumpkin and his further progress see you next time bye.